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EOS R AF not focusing consistently



Recently I have noticed that my EOS R is having trouble focusing.

I am using back button focus with AI servo but this also happens with the AF and metering bound to the shutter button.

Basically, if I have the camera to my eye and select my AF point then hit the focus button it regularly can't focus on an object. If I look at the live view and use the focus button it is the same problem, but if I tap the screen to focus, the camera focuses just fine.

I have tried finding more contrasting areas to focus, different AF modes, larger AF points and with and without back button focus.

I have also tried 3 different lenses and it seems to be the same in each.

Here is a video showing the problem:


Youtube link 

in the video I am in manual mode, using back button single point AF with the RF 24-105

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Re: EOS R AF not focusing consistently

Hello MattLaverick, 

There are a few troubleshooting steps I'd like to help resolve this issue. We'll reset the camera, which should restore it to a default state. These steps should clear out the memory and thereby any errors which may be present.

- Anything attached or installed in the camera — memory cards, the lens, the battery, battery grips should all be removed.

- Once the lens is off let's check it using the steps below.

a) Clean the lens contacts* to restore connection with the body.

b) Try using a different memory card. All memory cards should be properly formatted in your camera prior to use.

*Warning - Do not clean lens contacts on either a Canon lens or the camera body with an eraser! It's easy to rub off the gold plating on these contacts and end up with data communication problems! Our strong recommendation is to use a soft, clean, micro fiber cloth. Please do not use anything abrasive.

c) Try using a different Canon EF series lens. It doesn't have to be the same focal length as the one you were using.

d) If you are using a third party lens, we recommend discontinuing its use. There can sometimes be communication error related issues with third-party lenses. Ensuring that you're using a Canon lens eliminates that as a potential factor in the error.

If the issues seem to persist the next step would be to send the equipment to Canon for service.

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.


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Re: EOS R AF not focusing consistently

Did this work?
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Re: EOS R AF not focusing consistently

@Supreet_k wrote:
Did this work?

Did you try it?


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Re: EOS R AF not focusing consistently

I would if Matt says I should
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