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EOS M intermittent power Issue - Camera does not turn off

My EOS M tends to not always want to turn off. Sometimes it turns back on right away sometimes after a long lul. Sometimes it doesnt do it at all. This is with both a Canon and an aftermarket battery. It does it randomly with 22mm lens on it or with Canon adapter to EF or EF-s lenses. I took to a service center on friday and was able to demonstrate the issue. They stated they could not duplicate the issue but did clean all connections and returned it today. At first it worked without issue and then began to have the issue. The battery is at full charge for both the canon and aftermarket. So far I have been able to eliminate it being a low battery issue as I had thought. Also the camera is on the latest firmware.


If anyone has any thoughts or a similar issue, any help?


Here is a video link to the issue. It takes 2 minutes to turn back on so you can skip ahead if you want.

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Re: EOS M intermittent power Issue - Camera does not turn off

I have an EOS M with the latest firmware. I switched lenses yesterday, to the 22mm from the 18-55mm. I switched the camera on, took a few shots, and switched it off. I looked at it a few minutes later and the green power light was back on. It did this several times. I pulled the battery and put it back, and thought it was behaving itself. Apparently not.

I was intending to use it in the evening and when I switched it on (the power light was off at the time) the battery low icon was flashing and it shut itself off. So much for the evening's photo shoot!


I recharged the battery over night. So far the camera is behaving itself this morning.


Next time I see the effect I will pull and reinsert both the battery and  the lens, and see if that helps any.

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