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EOS 80D to iPhone connection issue

I have connected my eos 80D to my iPhone Canon Camera Connection app via wifi many times in the past but recently I have no been able to.

I'm able to connect my phone to the camera's wifi network, but the app can not discover the camera and the camera says "Waiting to connect" and never does.

I have uninstalled the app on the phone, i've reset the setting on the camera, I even tried downloading another app medium to attempt to make a connection. Nothing's worked.

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Re: EOS 80D to iPhone connection issue

Hi WoodrowWilson,


It sounds like the camera could benefit from resetting the camera's connection setting. This is handled through the WiFi menu and would not have been reset with the [Clear all camera settings] function. Once you find your wireless communication settings in your yellow wrench menu, please try the following:

 Select [Wi-Fi function]
 Select the [Connect to smartphone] icon.
 Select [Review/change settings].
 Select [Change set.].

 In the Connection Method window, leave the current setting and select [OK].
 Once you get to the Waiting to connect window, you will see the camera's SSID and the Encryption key.  Write this Encryption key down as it is the Wi-Fi password that you would enter on your mobile device.
 Connect to the SSID on your iPhone through the wireless network settings.
 Open the Canon Camera Connect app. Within ten seconds the app should recognize your camera and ask to connect.
 Touch camera model name in the app to connect.
 If [All Images] is set on the camera LCD screen, press the [SET] button. Now you should be connected.


If this doesn't work, can you please let me know where it goes wrong?

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Re: EOS 80D to iPhone connection issue

Hi thanks for the response

I can connect to the cameras wifi network on my iPhone using the encryption key however the camera still says “waiting to connect” and the app stills says “camera not connected”. I tried using the NFC option and it says “no usable data found”.
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Re: EOS 80D to iPhone connection issue


There are some things that we would like to check.

First, in the iOS Wi-Fi settings

1. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi on the iOS device and touch the little blue "i" in a circle next to the camera's SSID (which should show connected, but may not).

2. Choose "Forget This Network".

3. Then, start from the beginning to re-establish a Wi-Fi connection between the iOS device and the camera.

The second part we would like to check is below.

At times, the Canon Camera Connect application for iOS may behave incorrectly when attempting to connect an iOS device to a camera via Wi-Fi. Deleting the app's saved state in the background can oftentimes correct this. This does not harm the app or the device and simply causes the app to launch with a default "state", which can eliminate many issues that prevent the app from connecting to the camera and performing correctly.

To delete the saved state for Canon Camera Connect, do one of the following:

On an iOS device with a Home Button (prior to the iPhone X):

Delete the app's saved state by double-clicking the home button, scroll through the saved states of the apps and find the Canon Camera Connect app, then swipe it up to delete it.

Re-launch the app.

On the iPhone X:

1. Swipe up from the bottom to the middle of your screen and hold until you see the App Switcher.

2. Swipe left or right to find the Camera Connect app.

3. Swipe up on the Camera Connect app to delete it's background saved state.

4. Re-launch the app.

NOTE: If the Canon Camera Connect app is not performing properly or the camera does not remain connected when attempting to connect with Canon Camera Connect, always attempt to delete the saved state of the app BEFORE uninstalling and re-installing the app and before doing a hard re-boot of the device. This should be troubleshooting step #1 when troubleshooting Canon Camera Connect.

We also recommended ensuring that your iOS device is updated to the latest version.


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