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Re: EOS 80D light meter doesn't change in Manual

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If you set to M but the ISO is still auto, you won't see the meter changing because the camera changes the ISO to keep it in the middle.  Otherwise it should be moving left or right if it underexpose and overexpose.  The meter only activate when you press the shutter half way.

Not exactly, when set to M and in auto-ISO, it will stay centered as long as your iso is in a range that will keep the exposure correct. You can verify this by wtching the ISO change on the LCD on top of the camera.  As soon as you go out of that range, the needle (see how old I am?) will move showing how far off "correct" exposure you are.


So, to see a change in the exposure indication:

Set a fixed ISO.

Keep pressing the shutter button.

Thanks for clarifying.  I know should be obvious if you run out ISO that the meter will change. I'm just exploring one possible reason why the meter does not change for the OP.

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Re: EOS 80D light meter doesn't change in Manual

OK, guys. Thanks.  I changed lenses and it worked. Then I put the original lens back on and now that works. So, somehow the lens wasn't making contact. But I learned a lot from the conversation!

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