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EOS 70d will not pair with MacBook Pro using ad hoc network.

Pairing via infrastructure (Airport) worked fine. 


Pairing via ad hoc network failed, however. Pairing on the Mac starts up OK and recognizes the 70d. When  the camera is selected, window comes up advising one to follow instructions on 70d LCD screen; however, screen remains stuck on the pairing process message and the little radiating antenna symbol on LCD monitor screen (on top of camera) blinks indicating that it is waiting for a connection.


EOS utility

Mac OS X 10.6.8

70d firmware 1.1.1



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Re: EOS 70d will not pair with MacBook Pro using ad hoc network.

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I had a similar problem with WIndows 8.1 pairing. So based on that I am going to state the obvious. Make sure you have entered the passphrase/pass code correctly and that the camera recorded it. I have a 6d and after entering it I cannot go back to the passcode/passphrase to check it in text. The 6D only shows asterisks. So to see the text I must re-enter it. I suspect the software in the 70D is probably same/similar.


I would like to start a campaign to have Canon implement a better user interface for their WiFi configuration software. It should be possible to see the text of the passcode/passphrase in the camera at any time for any of the WiFi options. Supposedly showing only asterisks is a "security" feature in case a nefarious individual should the camera and discover the WiFi passcode/phrase.


What I really would like to see is to have the EOS utilitiy cabable of configuring the WiFi when using a USB cable. Maybe it is not techinically feasible for performance reasons to have both the WiFi and USB interfaces ON at the same time. But this should not prevent configuring the WiFi interface(s) such as entering and verifying the passphrase/passcode while using the USB cable. This would prevent nefarious individual from seeing the WiFi passcode/phrase because they would need to login to the computer. If someone knows of a way to do this, please let me know.



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Re: EOS 70d will not pair with MacBook Pro using ad hoc network.

The problem was with the: 

EOS 70D (w)

Wi-Fi Function

Instruction Manual

that came with the camera. The instructions for setting up an ad hoc network are not at all clear and left me quite confused.


I turned instead to: 

EOS Step-by Step Setup Guide

Wireless File Transmitter

EOS Utility Mode

Infrastructure or ad hoc networks

Mac OSX 10.5-10.6


Although certain menus differed, (e.g. 70D lacks network Wizard)

this guide is a model of clarity and I was able to successfully adapt its instructions to my situation.

Worked first time like a charm. 

Canon take note.

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