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Re: EOS 70D soft images

@drrhein wrote:

I got the settings reset and managed to get a couple of shots in.


p mode iso 200 AF as requested, still looks soft to me. 2nd image is same subject using iphone 8+


The Iphone pic is orders of magnitude sharper and better in my opinion. Which seems odd because the iphone is 12.1 Mp and Canon 20+ Mp although you have to zoom a bit to see it. It's more obvious at 50% on the little flag


The 70D photo contains no EXIF data.  Let’s play 20 questions.


What were the exposure settings?  What lens did you use?  What was the focal length of the shot?  Did you use a tripod?  


Was the shot manually focused?  If not, which AF mode and AF point did you use?


Due to their small size, smart phones tend to have much shorter hyperfocal distances than your average DSLR.  This means when you take a photo with a smart phone, it will look like snapshot.  Everything will be in focus.  When you take a photo with a DSLR, you can get depth of field effects.  Sometimes it is very noticeable, and sometimes it is not.  


On the other hand, some DSLR lenses are simply soft, and do not capture tack sharp images, at all.  You are blaming the camera, forgetting the fact that a DSLR is a camera/lens combo.  Images out of any given camera will never be better than the glass you attach to it.


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Re: EOS 70D soft images

You said to use P mode, resetting the camera caused the raw to become jpg. P mode decided the settings but I did use autofocus, no tripod. I took a half dozen the same way this AM and I'll try to crop enough to meet the 10MB limit this PM.

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Re: EOS 70D soft images

The jpgs should be okay as is. I don’t want you to do any editing or at least little as possible. I want it as close as possible to how the camera is doing it. Remember we are eliminating the camera as the cause. If you do any input at all you defeat the test. The 70D and the 17-55 f2.8 lens is capable of super sharp photos.
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