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Re: EOS 5D Mark IV Shutter Count

@stevesmede wrote:

So the short answer is no, there's no app. Why all the pointless debate of whether you should care about the REASON for it? Nice thread.

I agree.  Knowing the shutter count is pointless.  The shutter will fail when it gets good and ready.


There are a number of apps that claim to provide an accurate shutter count that actually alter the firmware in the camera.  These changes can alter the behavior of the camera, and have been known to cause unexpected failures.  


Also, many people swear by the importance of knowing the shutter count.  The shutter will fail when it gets good and ready.


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Re: EOS 5D Mark IV Shutter Count

The ShutterCount app on my iMac is reliable, according to Canon reps. Other than that, yes, I've heard the same thing about some apps that actually tinker with code. Not good! I only need to know the count (which I now have figured out) to satisfy my eBay clientele. Don't mind if I just copy and paste your comment into my listing!

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Re: EOS 5D Mark IV Shutter Count

I am new here but I live in a remote area. Bought a new camera (seller stated), but through the web and not through a dealer. I would also like to know if I can check the shutter count to verify that this is new vs a camera with (example), 10,000 clicks.
So far I have not found a way to check shutter count on windows on the 5D MkIV. I have also tried through my Iphone but the 3 internet sights that downloads my photo determined no shutter count is imbedded in my photo. It was interesting to see how much information is in every photo thought. I might spend the money to send it in but for now I am searching YouTube and Internet but so far NO good.
If anybody has found out how to do a shutter count as of 9-2020, for the 5D MkIV please let me know. In the meantime I will keep trying. TYIA
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