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EOS 30D accessories and flash cards

Anyone have a clue why I can't find info on a Canon EOS 30D SLR camera I purchased at an estate sale? I have better luck finding info on AMAZON than on the Canon site which as far as I can see I have to go through 40 pages of SLR cameras to see if that model is even available anymore. My search for cannon accessories comes up not identifying the camera at all so I assume any further searches on Canon will come up zero.  

AMAZON has suggestions for the flash(memory) cards but does not show compatability with Canon EOS 30D. The battery charger iisted with AMAZON at least has lists of compatablie solutions.  

I cringe everytime I have to research the Canon site for info or call and subject myself to their prompting system which has only referred me back to the Canon site for info that's difficult to find.  Anyone have suggestions for quicker resolutions, or should I just put these canon items up for sale with caveats to the next prospective owner.

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Re: EOS 30D accessories and flash cards

I am not sure where you went on the Canon site but the support structure is still there for this camera from around 2005, here is a link to the manual, etc:


The Canon site does a far better job than most of continuing to provide information for long obsolete models and Canon customer service is the reason many of us have long been Canon customers.


The 30D is a pretty early DSLR with limited speed and sensor size so any decent CF1 or CF2 card would work, there may be a limit to card size that it will use so stay with a smaller capacity card because you won't need a huge one with its 8.2 megapixel sensor.


I would start by downloading the manual from the Canon site and depending upon your camera age and firmware level, check to see if there is an update.  DSLR technology has advanced a lot since that time so it isn't worth putting much money into that camera so consider whether anything you buy will work with later models.  One of the primary limitations it has compared to current models is a limited maximum ISO of 1,600 (3,200 expanded) but either are likely to be extremely noisy.   I stil have my EOS 1D M2 which was a top end Canon from that same era and although it can capture very nice images, the poor low light performance is one of the major negatives compared to the Canon bodies I currently use.



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Re: EOS 30D accessories and flash cards

Hi, donman9!  You'll find everything you need to know about the EOS 30D--including specifications and compatible accessories--right HERE.


Hope this helps!

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Re: EOS 30D accessories and flash cards

"Anyone have a clue why I can't find info on a Canon EOS 30D SLR camera I purchased at an estate sale?"


C'mon!  You bought a 15 year old, used, obsolute camera and expect Canon to service you as it is current!  Really?  Smiley Indifferent   Canon CS is far better than almost any other company.  Be glad it is a Canon.

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