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Re: Does Canon sabotage image quality for Lightroom users?

"Lightroom's principal advantage over DPP is in cataloguing, not in editing."


Total nonsense Robert. You simply do not know how to use LR if you think truly that.



"Pro photographers tend to use what everybody else uses ..., even if it isn't necessarily the best solution for a given individual."


Again total nonsense.  People that make a living with their cameras use what makes them money.  And generally that is the "best".  Hallmark had all the money in the world.  They could use whatever they wanted but they like almost every other large and small pro shop, they chose LR/PS.


I can almost see the OP's point, if everybody wants LR/PS why not licence Adobe or whatever legal term and offer assistance.

Even though it is free most people don't bother to d/l DPP4 or let alone use it.

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