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Correct Case # for AI Servo Action Shot

i am frequently outside shooting a running dog. He's a year old so is still very active, runs alot of laps. He is also a long haired black so very difficult to get a good shot of him.  I have a new ( to me) 5D Mark III and am still learning the AF.  I shoot raw and  AI Servo, 1/1000, continuos shots and Case 5.  I have tried some of the other case numbers but I really can tell no difference between them.  Just wondered if any one else shoots a similar subject, same camera and what you use in a similar situation.

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Re: Correct Case # for AI Servo Action Shot

The best answer is go with what works best, you seem to be having bad luck.  I would initially try 1, 2, 5, or 6.


AI Servo behavior can also vary depending upon what lens you are currently using, and what AF point, or Group of AF points, that you have selected.  Need to know.


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Re: Correct Case # for AI Servo Action Shot

For a moving dog, any case will work well so it doesn't really matter imho.  If your dog runs in and out of other obstacles, you might want to use case 2 as the camera will keep the focus on the dog and not other objects that pop into view.


Off topic but for a black dog, you might want to use exposure compensation to brighten him up a bit - or if you shoot full manual, adjust   to correctly expose the dark fur.

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