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Connecting camera to iPhone X

I recently purchased a canon 6D Mark II.  According to other reading I have done, because my smart phone is NFS equipped, all I should have to do is touch my phone to the camera and automatically be connected and ready to download.  But this is not the case.  Instead, I get a message that says “NFS tag detected. No useable data found”.  


Does anyone have experience with this?



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Re: Connecting camera to iPhone X

Hi Ploog,


The first thing I would mention is to download Camera Connect from the app store if you haven't already since this is the app that your phone will use to interact with the camera.


Once that is installed, or if it is already, you will want to connect the two before opening the app. NFC can be hit and miss, especially if other things are interfering like certain phone cases (depending on where the NFC antenna is in your phone) or other signal interference, but NFC is used as an alternative way to initiate the WiFi connection so in this case you may have better luck just doing the initial WiFi connection. I'll outline the steps below.


 1. Access the camera's menu by press the <MENU> button.
 2. Select wireless Communication Settings in your camera's yellow wrench menu.
 3. Select [Wi-Fi function]
 4. Select the [Connect to smartphone] icon.
 5. Select [Review/change settings].
 6. Select [Change set.].
 7. In the Connection Method window, leave the current setting and select [OK].
 8. Once you get to the Waiting to connect window, you will see the camera's SSID and the Encryption key.  Write this Encryption key down as it is the Wi-Fi password that you would enter on your mobile device.
 9. Connect to the SSID on your iPhone through the wireless network settings.
 10. open the Canon Camera Connect app. Within ten seconds the app should recognize your camera and ask to connect.
 11. touch camera model name in the app to connect.
 12. If [All Images] is set on the camera LCD screen, press the [SET] button. Now you should be connected.


Once connected, you should be able to transfer pictures using the "Images on Phone" option or you can control the camera using the remote shooting option.


The EOS 6D Mark II has a whole manual for the wireless functions, I'll link it here in case you want to revisit the NFC or see more about what the camera is capable of.

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Re: Connecting camera to iPhone X

While an iPhone X does have NFC, it doesn't self-configure.  You have to use the manual pairing steps in the instructions (basically pretend your phone does not have NFC).  


Apple mostly uses the NFC for payment systems ... they don't implement the features that allow it to auto-pair to other devices via NFC.


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Re: Connecting camera to iPhone X

Thanks.  I had read the manual but found the section on NFS a little lacking.  Now, I still get the same message, but touching the phone to the camera does make the connection and downloads the photos to the camera connect app, thereby omitting a step and making things go a little faster.  I will take it!!!!

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Re: Connecting camera to iPhone X

Thanks for your more shortcoming of apple products to add to the list.  

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