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Re: Color artifacts on 5d Mark iii

Is it lighting with flicker? Try a movie to see if it happens every few frames.


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Re: Color artifacts on 5d Mark iii

@chanellebarona wrote:

The lighting is the same, the background and angle is the same, the camera is the same, the lenses are slightly different but when switching between the 2 on one camera have never had a noticable difference. I gave you a lot of the information you are asking me for so I am confused.

You gave us a number of facts that seem disconnected from your sample photos.  I thought you posted one “good” photo, and one “bad” photo, but, apparently not.  We are trying to recreate your scenario, but cannot.  Help someon to help you.


If you recently purchased a 5D3, then I would be surprised it if were fresh from the factory, brand spanking new.  If you bought a used camera, then I suggest resetting it back to “Factory Defaults.”  You must reset at lest three menu options, including custom controls.

One good option is to send it to Canon for a “clean and check”.  Report your issue, and let them check it out.


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Re: Color artifacts on 5d Mark iii

Could this be an effect I've seen referred to as "color moire noise"?

I've seen some moire noise removal adjustments in either DPP4 or DxO OpticsPro, but I've never had occasion to work with it.

Are you shooting with LED lighting by chance? Some cameras seem to be particularly sensitive to certain LED color ranges.

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