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Canon mk iii - stop recording + can’t format SD card




Yesterday I was shooting some interviews with my Canon mk iii and suddenly the camera automatically stoped and went black. I tried to change battery, I took out the SD card and still didn’t worked. Only when I changed the SD card it was good to continue my shooting.


I came home and I put the LEXAR 128GB Sd card on my card reader and My Mac still don’t recognise it, even in Disk utilities..


I also tried to put it back on my canon to format it but when I try it it says:


“Card2 cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change the card or format card with camera”


I tried to format it in camera but I got this message:


“Cannot format. Change card2”


Can anyone help me to solve this problem?



Thank you !

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Re: Canon mk iii - stop recording + can’t format SD card

Check the Write Protect Tab on the SD card.


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Re: Canon mk iii - stop recording + can’t format SD card

Also, visuaully look inside the card slot.  Many years ago, I inadvertently inserted an SD card backward.  At the business end of the SD card (the card with the gold contacts), there are plastic ribs that separate each contact and I managed to mangle them and this left some debris inside the card slot.  I started having problems.


But once I inspected the slot and saw a few bits of mangled plastic (form those ribs) stuck inside, I was able to very carefully remove them (preferably using something non-conductive and do be gentle)... and the camera was back to normal from that day on (I never had another problem with it.)



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