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Canon connect app not working with samsung d8

I have recently upgraded from a 70D to a 6D, canon connect worked perfectly with my 70D, now I cannot get it to connect with my 6D. I have cleared all the wifi settings on both my camera and phone several times. The wifi seems to connect and recognize my camera but the canon connect app won't register that last step in the easy setup guide. Really frustrating. I've uninstalled the app, restarted my phone and reinstalled but still no luck. Would value anyones help! The precious owner of my 6D said they had no troubles connecting it to the app.

Thanks Smiley Happy
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Re: Canon connect app not working with samsung d8

Hello Boss1996, 

There are some things that we would like to check.

First, in the Wi-Fi settings

1. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi on the device and touch the little blue "i" in a circle next to the camera's SSID (which should show connected, but may not).

2. Choose "Forget This Network".

3. Then, start from the beginning to re-establish a Wi-Fi connection between the device and the camera.

The second part we would like to check is below.

At times, the Canon Camera Connect application may behave incorrectly when attempting to connect an device to a camera via Wi-Fi. Deleting the app's saved state in the background can oftentimes correct this. This does not harm the app or the device and simply causes the app to launch with a default "state", which can eliminate many issues that prevent the app from connecting to the camera and performing correctly.

To delete the saved state for Canon Camera Connect, do one of the following:

Delete the app's saved state by double-clicking the home button, scroll through the saved states of the apps and find the Canon Camera Connect app, then swipe it up to delete it.
Re-launch the app.

NOTE: If the Canon Camera Connect app is not performing properly or the camera does not remain connected when attempting to connect with Canon Camera Connect, always attempt to delete the saved state of the app BEFORE uninstalling and re-installing the app and before doing a hard re-boot of the device. This should be troubleshooting step #1 when troubleshooting Canon Camera Connect.

We also recommended ensuring that your iOS device is updated to the latest version.


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Re: Canon connect app not working with samsung d8

Thanks for your help, but still no luck!! I have a friend who has a brand new 6D and is having the same problem!
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Re: Canon connect app not working with samsung d8

Hi there Boss1996,


Just so I know exactly where the program is getting stuck, can you please let me know what both the camera's LCD screen and the text on the app say when you are not able to go further?

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Re: Canon connect app not working with samsung d8

Totally get your frustration...I am experiencing the same thing....

Tried all the tricks in the book, restart the phone, reinstall the app, clear cache, clear data, reset wireless settings on the camera... no luck.

My camera is a canon EOS RP... phone is samsung S10e with android OS ... totally frustrating and such a waste of time. Love to get some quality replies to this so it can actually solution the problem.

So pathetic that it's such a dud app... so many of my friends are fed up too and don't even bother with it any more coz of the time it wastes... how is that keeping customers satisfied... ?? I know how useful it is coz have had periods of it working well ... then out of the blue stops connecting ... no explanation.... think this app needs to go back to the design process and sort out a few connection problems ... I'd be a loyal promoter of it ... works a treat when it connects. Shame about the random glitches along the way.
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