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Canon EOS R Sports Photography



Though I am new here I would like to comment on something I have been seeing on the Internet about the EOS R not being used as a sports photography camera. One main complaint I have seen is the "Winking Out" of the viewfinder during shooting. There is actually a simple solution for this. Go to Menu Screen 1 and turn OFF "Image Preview" This will give you continuous viewfinder operation. Depending on Lens and settings this will give you 5FPS. You can get 8 FPS with an R Lens and proper settings but I haven't take the R Lens plunge yet...probalby won't until prices get in line. I have WAY too much invested in other Canon glass to justify that leap. 5FPS is plenty for most sports anyway.


I have been shooting Canon Cameras since 1976. Still have my original AV-1 my mother bought for me....and it still works! But as I have moved into the Digital Format I have settled into (2) Cameras EOS 80D and EOS R. The 80D is a workhorse camera that works well with AF and AFS Lenses. It is heavy with a battery pack. The EOS R I can see being more of a Fine Portraiture and Landscape Camera that I can use for anything else I want.


Just my .02


Carl G.

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