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Canon EOS 5D mark iv Wifi issues



I have Rec. separately set on my 5D mark iv and my CF card is set to record RAW files and the SD card to record small JPEG files.  With WiFi off, this seems to perform as I would expect. 


As soon as I enable WiFi, I can get a preview of each shot quite quickly (using EOS Utilities) on my laptop.  It only takes approx 1-2 seconds for each shot to appear on the laptop after it has been taken.  I assume the speed of transfer is because the SD card files are so small.  HOWEVER, in this situation, NO files are transferred to either of my cards.  My cards remain empty!


What I would like to happen when I take a shot is the following:


  1. RAW fie saved to CF card
  2. Small JPEG saved to SD card
  3. Image review made available on my laptop soon after the shot was taken (using WiFi)

In fact, truth be told, I could live without #2 and just have the CF card switch to the SD card once it is full.

I'm pretty sure that this must be possible, just do not know why.


Any ideas?



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Re: Canon EOS 5D mark iv Wifi issues

Hi cyman1964uk,

When shooting with EOS Utility, the program's settings will take over the settings in the camera so I recommend checking the image quality and save destination settings in your EOS Utility control panel. This is the RAW+L icon and the icon that looks like a small computer, for an example see page 38 below.


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Re: Canon EOS 5D mark iv Wifi issues



Thanks for your suggestion - I'd not thought of that!  I shall try this approach and see how I get on ...

Cheers again!



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Re: Canon EOS 5D mark iv Wifi issues

With EOS Utility 3 open and your EOS camera paired to your computer:

  1. Open the Remote Shooting.
  2. In the Remote Shooting GUI, set Image Saving Location to: computer and memory card and enable checkbox for "In RAW+JPEG mode, only transfer JPEG to computer".
  3. In your camera Setup 1 (yellow tab 1): Record func+card/folder sel. set Record func to "Rec separetely".
  4. In the same sub-menu also select: Playback card 2 (SD).
  5. Go to menu Shoot 1 (red tab 1) image quality, set card 1 for RAW.
  6. In the EOS Utility Remote Shooting GUI, set image quality to your preferred JPEG size.

At this point you should have the following experience when your fully press the shutter button:

  • RAW will be saved on CF card (card 1)
  • JPEG will be saved on SD card (card 2)
  • Image preview on EOS Utility will be of the JPEG size set to SD card (card2).
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