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Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Cant change anything in manual mode

Hello everyone,,

So i have a problem with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I want to shoot movies, and found guides on how to set up the camera for optimal standards


The thing is, when i am in M (manual mode), live view, i cant do anything about the aperature, ISO or shutter speed. The numbers changes whenever i point the camera at something else, so i would also like to know how to keep the settings for a whole shot.


I have the live view set as: stills+movie - movie display


something i am missing? 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Cant change anything in manual mode

Turn the mode dial to M
Go to Menu
6th menu to the right (2nd yellow)
First option on the top LV func. Settings
Live Menu Settings
Check the last, third option – Stills + movie, press SET
After 4th you will have 3 options, choose Movie display, press SET
Go Back in View/Movie Settings
Set Grid display to Off
Set Silent shoot to Mode 1
Set Metering timer to 1 min
Timer mode - 1min
Metering timer – 1min
Set AF Mode to Live Mode
Set Movie Rec Size to one you want
If you are not using microphones set Sound Rec to Auto
Close Menu pressing Menu button twice
Click Live view
Switch AF to MF on your lens
Set White Balance
Press INFO button to check all Video settings along with the Histogram
For best focus you should zoom in first 10x (press magnify button twice) and use the joystick to select the part of the frame where you want to focus and then focus your lens manually
Pick a desired exposure and aperture
Set ISO settings by your needs, lower ISO number, less grain
You can pick a preset you would like to shoot 
For Start and Stop Press the middle (SET) button on a dial
Canon 5D Mk II will record up to 4 GB file size in Full HD, which is equivalent of around 12 minutes.


Easy Smiley Happy

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