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Canon 80D shutter Issue during recording.

Hi all,


I own a Canon EOS 80D. I've had it for around 3 years now and am experiencing an issue during video recording. In Video mode after starting recording, at random, the shutter will open and close on its own, blackening the screen and ceasing recording. The file does still save though. I'm unsure what's causing this, this has only started happening in the past 2 months. I've had the same battery the whole time, the condition is in "good" and generally lasts most of the day.




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Re: Canon 80D shutter Issue during recording.

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It could be a battery issue since your battery is three years old and has probably had numerous charge/discharge cycles. For best life, lithium ion cells don't like be repeatedly fully discharged or stored in fully charged or fully discharged state.  Best service life occurs when they are stored with a moderate charge and in use recharged when they are approaching the 25-30% remaining capacity point.


Video recording drains the battery pretty quickly, a little current to hold the shutter open and a lot to power the processing that goes on to create the video stream.  I would start by either trying a test recording using an AC adapter if you have one or otherwise try a new Canon battery.


When a rechargeable battery is nearing end of life, one of the symptoms is the voltage will drop very rapidly under load and then increase once the load is reduced.  When taking stills, you will see the battery life indicator drop when a sustained burst is used and then the battery life indicator will come back up after the burst.


Another possibility is an intermittent contact (battery or switch) although if that occurs I suspect the file would be corrupted by the complete loss of power.  Start with the simple first and rule out the power source as the cause.



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Re: Canon 80D shutter Issue during recording.

Thanks so much, I'll try that. I'll let you know to see if a change occurs.

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