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Canon 80D Video Quality

Hi there! I'm having a problem with my brand new Canon 80D, and I have to say that i'm scared Robot Sad
The thing is that I just buyed it like 3 months ago, and since then I've been using it quite a lot. My problems is that even setting up what I think that are the best video quality output options, once I see the shots at my pc they just... suck. And they truly suck, like if they are out of focus even if they aren't. Some people told my that it might be the lens, which is the 18-55mm default one. (Haven't buy one yet, since I came from Nikon and their lens are not compatible).
And to be honest, i didn't try taking shots with another lens. But i want to hear your opinions before Robot Very Happy


(I'm leaving some screenshots here. All of them are from raw shots.)






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Re: Canon 80D Video Quality

I do not see anything that jumps out at me as being wrong with your shots.  One strong suit for Canon camera bodies is their ability to accurately control auto focusing lenses, most especially native Canon lenses.


Be aware that video frames have nowhere near the resolution of a still photograph, 2MP vs 24MP.  Also, do not expect distant objects in the frames to be in sharp focus.  The images lack the resolution, be it either video frames or still photos.


If you have the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, then you have an ideal lens for using DPAF when shooting video.




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Re: Canon 80D Video Quality

As we often find ourselves pointing out to new users, a DSLR is not a video ccamera; it's a still camera with some video capability. If you're a serious videographer, you probably need a real video camera.

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Re: Canon 80D Video Quality


Welcome to the forums.    


Your pics look great.  The white balance appears to be slightly (barely) off in #1 and #3 but that happens.  #2 is a little darkie but thats just part of learning your new hardware.


Bob's right.  You've got yourself an outstanding APS-C still photo camera.  The G50 is coming out this month.  The G60 in July or you can go all in for a GX10 4k 60fps.  Its just $$$$.



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