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Re: Canon 80D LP-E6N battery not fully charging

@wq9nsc wrote:



.... leading test and measurements company Tektronix. 

Tektronix.  Now that name is a blast from the distant past.  Ever use one of their space heaters?




Seriously, a couple of these old oscilloscopes could heat a room.


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Re: Canon 80D LP-E6N battery not fully charging



I own and use several different Tektronix scopes and my least "green" one is a Type 555 true dual beam scope with dual plug in vertical channels and dual plug in time bases.  The power supply sits on the bottom of the scopemobile cart and both are loaded with vacuum tubes and cooled by separate very large fans.  In operation the 555 draws close to one kilowatt.  It is still in perfect working order and like other 500 series lab scopes it is reliable and easy to maintain although adjusting the lumped constant delay line is a tedious process.


My primary bench scope is a pair of somewhat newer Tektronix 7854 scopes although I do also have a smaller but less capable new Tektronix LCD screen scope that is convenient but there are times when I need the versatility of the multiple plug-ins which provide so much versatility with the older models.


Nobody wrote better technical manuals that the folks in Beaverton and Tektronix documentation puts most other manuals to shame in terms of content, organization, and overall clarity.  The construction quality of the older scopes was also a thing of beauty with their ceramic strips with silver contact points and in the interior photo of the 555 you can see the roll of special silver bearing solder that Tektronix shipped inside of each of their instruments.  It was truly a world class organization from design through manufacturing and customer followup.




Tektronix Type 555.JPG


Tektronix 555 inside.JPG


Tektronix 7854.JPG

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Re: Canon 80D LP-E6N battery not fully charging

I use to use that "HOG" every day at work (45 years ago).  Use to work on "Big Iron" computers.  What fun.

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Re: Canon 80D LP-E6N battery not fully charging

Excellent post. Had cheap copies of Canon LP-E6N sent to me wen I ordered Canon batteries, and they died in months. Help yourself in the future: get a silver Sharpie marker and write the date you purchased the batteries on each: oldest are least reliable.
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