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Canon 7D mk ll Delay

My camera has a delay when I turn it on the access light has started coming on after a few second it go's off then I can snap a photo and use the menu button I am missing several shots due to this issue not sure if I've messed up the settings. ps

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Re: Canon 7D mk ll Delay

Sounds like a memory card problem.  


Is your memory card nearly full (normally you'd xfer the images off the card and onto the computer, then wipe the card to be ready for the next shoot.)  


It may also just be a slow memory card.  


The 7D II supports CF cards with UDMA Type 7.

It supports SD cards with UHS-I.


A UDMA Type 7 CF card will certainly be the fastest.  I'm not sure if Canon links the bus for the SD and CF cards together in the 7D II (they do in my 5D IV).  This means the bus can only operate as fast as the "slowest" media on the bus ... even if you're not actually writing to that card.  In other words if I want the fastest write speeds... I would pull the SD card so the camera only has the CF card installed.  (again, I can't confirm whether the 7D II has this behavior.)



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