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Canon 7D fell into fresh water more than 1 minute and.....

I followed the first logic steps:


1.- Switch it off if it was on

2.- Remove battery

3.- Remove memory card

4.- Dry it

5.- Remove the lens and put both in separate zip locks with rice

6.- Do not switch it on in a couple of weeks


After all these steps my camera was still alive but giving me Error 30


Then I decided to send it with the lens to Canon Repair Service. They returned the camera in 3 days stating that the camera shouldn`t be repaired and I should buy a new one. They offered me a discount of $50 in a camera that would cost $2,000 Ha, ha, ha, ha.....


I never lose hope and I continued reading threads from people that were able to recover the camera. One of those talked about using a non-Canon Battery. I found one in Amazon for $10 so I thought why not try it it? I have already lose my camera and lens, $10 more is not creating a bigger problem.


Well, I got the battery yesterday and VOILÁ, the camera is working and I am taking photos another time.


What should I do with Canon? The service repair was the most unprofessional team I have ever talked with over the phone. Should I call them to let them know that I do not need their "amazing and generous offer of $50"?


On the other hand, I am very happy that I decided to buy the Canon 7D due to its body some years ago. Thanks to that decision I am still able to take photos, but not due their lazy service repair team.

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Re: Canon 7D fell into fresh water more than 1 minute and.....

I think you are being unfairly critical of Canon service.

Once they examined the camera it would have become obvious to them that it had been immersed in water and although they could attempt a repair they would be unable to give a guarantee on that repair. Once a camera has got wet like yours then it may well work afterwards but even fresh water can contain impurities which may lead to corrosion after a period of time.


Your camera may be working now but it may not be in a week or a months time if corrosion attacks a vital part.

Your camera may have cost $2000 but in the real world it is now a discontinued model and worth substantially less on the used market.


I hope for your sake that your camera keeps working but I think it is a bit too early to claim that you were right and Canon were wrong.

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Re: Canon 7D fell into fresh water more than 1 minute and.....

You are kidding, right?  You totally submerge your camera for an extended period of time and Canon refuses to get involved?  The camera is not intended to go underwater at all. If you can get it to dry out and limp back into working for a while great. I don't think Canon is to blame here. 


How how did you dunk your camera?



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Re: Canon 7D fell into fresh water more than 1 minute and.....

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I am sure the reason Canon told you what they did is, they have to guarantee the camera is fixed. Today and tomorrow. You are lucky so far!?!  Keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe your toes, too!


Think about this, why does Canon have to give you any money?  Even just $50 bucks?  They didn't take your camera for a swim.  They really owe you nothing.


"5.- Remove the lens and put both in separate zip locks with rice"

That never works. Coincidence and you got lucky.  Plus it most likely got rice dust inside the poor 7D.  You need to open it up as much as possible. Place it on a warm heating pad, not a hot heating pad, just warm.  It needs to stay there for a long, long time.

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