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Canon 6D mark 2 USB problem

So, yesterday I apparently made a small mistake related to the connection of the camera to the computer.
I wanted to check the number of clicks that I had so far, a Canon 6D mark 2. After quite a few searches of sites and experiments. I came to this site:
I downloaded it, followed the instructions, and unfortunately, I still could not access the camera's clicks. The main problem is that after using the software, my camera does not let me access its internal folders. I tried to restore settings in the software to see maybe there will be a change but nothing ... the software has option change USB drivers, after several attempts to restore my moves, I could not. The computer plays a connection sound as soon as I connect the camera, but it does not show me the option to open the folder. Connecting the card separately with the card reader works great without a problem, connecting to another computer also works great without a problem. It seems that the software has defined something inside the camera specifically in the connection of my computer or specific USB setting that prevents it from accessing the folders. On other computers everything is normal, I know that I can do a format for my computer and everything will go back to normal, but because the amount of content on my computer I prefer to try to find a solution through forums.
I would like to hear if someone encountered a similar problem with this software on a specific computer?

I would be happy to get help, have a lovely day!

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Re: Canon 6D mark 2 USB problem

Did you try removing uninstalling the software and restarting the computer?

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Re: Canon 6D mark 2 USB problem

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System Restore or Time Machine is a great way to "Go Back" or undo problems caused by free software you've downloaded from the internet. 


May be completely legit, or not, but the above should let you go back to a point prior to the issue.


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Re: Canon 6D mark 2 USB problem

Yes I tried.

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Re: Canon 6D mark 2 USB problem

I'll see about that. Thank you.

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