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Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

I have a ton of questions. I have a 6D and I was wondering how to get my subject brighter when I take pictures with the sun in the background. I don't alway have problems when the sun isn't as bright or if it's setting, etc., but when it's really bright (closer to midday) then I can't get my subject to be bright enough. It just ends up as a silhouette. I know this is what happens in this situation, but I was wondering if there is any way I can get around it? I can brighten up the subject a bit, but it isn't clear when I try to fix it in Lightroom. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm really new at photography. I usually shoot in the Program mode with a f4 lens if that helps. 


Also, if I have a moving subject (like a person running), how do I get a shot of them without it being blurred because of them moving? When I set the shutter speed to be really fast I usually end up with underexposed pics.


For the Sandisk question, is there a big difference between the Sandisk 90 mb/s and 95 mb/s cards? Is it actually noticeable when you shoot with the 95 mb/s? And would the sandisk 280 mb/s be overkill? I'm assuming that's used for really high speed things like racecars? I don't even know if the 6D can utilize it. I usually take landscapes, portraits, or of people running around and playing, so do you think it's not really needed?


Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer!

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Re: Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

You have lots to learn but I'll start with the card question & say the WRITE speed is the important number, not the read speed & faster cards are good IF you shoot lots of video or in very long bursts, which I don't think is likely with the 6D. 

Rather than me explaining some of the other stuff which could take a bit of typing I'll direct you to an article I wrote that covers all of those issues plus a few you really won't need to know now but maybe in the future.

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Re: Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

You will probably need to get a flash like the 430 or 600 Speedlites to put a little fill flash when you are sharply backlit.


When you are shooting moving subjects, put the camera in Tv mode so that the camera will set the Aperture and ISO to get a good exposure with the chosen shutter speed. YOu can also put the camera in P mode and pan with the runner. This will keep the focus relatively in focus and blur the background which really emphasizes the action.

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Re: Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

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The write speed of a Canon 6D is about 40-45 MB/s. Everything above that is overkill for your camera. 6D can't use UHS-II, so you should buy a card that has UHS-I.

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Re: Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

The best source on memory cards is the Canon manual.  It is usually the best source on any camera specific question.

The answer to the rest of your question is, a photography course at the local community college.  There you will learn, hands on, about your camera and how to use it.  Plus most offer some basic tutorial's on post editing where your great photos are really made.

You can read all the stuff written on the web but I bet it just creates more questions!  Your local camera shop may also offer photography instruction courses.


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Re: Canon 6D and Sandisk questions

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From the EOS 6D Instruction Manual....




I know it says, "regardless of capactiy, but I would stick to using only full size cards of 32 GB, or less.  You need to use what was "state of the art" at the time the camera was produced, not what is available today.  I have a 64 Gb card in mine.


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