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Canon 60D cannot be detected by PC

Hi everyone Smiley Happy

So recently I got myself a desire to start streaming via my Canon 60D and started figuring out how it goes.
Nothing special really, just got the cables(USB one and micro HDMI in to HDMI out) and and installed EOS utility on PC and updated it and that's basically it Smiley Very Happy
But now I'm having problems connecting my camera to a PC. Computer just doesn't want to detect my DSLR.
It recognizes that some device is connecting to it via USB but doesn't let me check the files on SD card. HDMI connection isn't recognized at all.
So today I wen't to a local electronics shop and asked some nice guy to help me out. I thought maybe there's a problem with a cable or perhaps the connection slot itself. But when he connected hdmi to some TV it worked and showed a video stream w/o needing any additional software. USB connection also allowed him to browse files on a SD card.
That's very strange because I also got a laptop and the problem pursued on it too.

So I'm kind of in a desperate situation here. Maybe you guys have any clues? Smiley Happy

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Re: Canon 60D cannot be detected by PC

I figured out the problem.
There was outdated Media Feature pack on my PC's Windows 10 so I downloaded and installed it from here:

Now it's all good and I can stream video using SparkoCam program.

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Re: Canon 60D cannot be detected by PC

It's always a Win 10 problem.  I have had many problems with Win 10.  It just doesn't get along with much of anything.

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