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Canon 5D mark II image problem


As you can see in the attachment, I'm getting this pretty weird "ghost" on my photos. Hope you can see it. It's in the corners,
Is it possible to confirm just with this picture, if a proper sensor cleaning in a professional store will fix this, or it could mean that the sensor needs to be replaced?
Thank you all for your help.mark II suja.jpg

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Pedro P

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Re: Canon 5D mark II image problem

Do you mean the vein-like artifacts in upper left and lower right?


If you take lens off and activate manula sensor clean do you see anything on the sensor?

John Hoffman
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Re: Canon 5D mark II image problem

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Fungus on sensor.


"The fungus usually attaches itself to the underside of the low pass filter, and rarely on top where you might have a small chance of removing it. If you did remove it, it will leave a stain on the low pass filter, much like pulling a creeper off a wall.

Most cameras are not worth repairing due to the high cost of the sensor/low pass filter and the labor."

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