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Canon 5D Video

I know atbout the 4G file limit cut off for video, but is it possible to set the 5D II up such that it only send video through the DVI port but do not actually record on Flash. That way I can use the video previe for extended video recording.



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Re: Canon 5D Video

The 4 GB file limit isn't a big issue because you can merge files together in your video editor.  But if you are trying to use your 5D2 for long movies or continuous video you have the software limit imposed to keep it from being classified as a camcorder making it subject to different taxation in many markets and the even more critical issue that it isn't designed to manage the heat generated during extended video recording.


DSLR bodies are designed to have very good weather sealing which works against good heat management.  I shot a little video with my 1DX and 1DX2 bodies which do a pretty good job of heat dissipation but for my use I didn't care for shooting video (generally handheld) with the layout/form of a DSLR and bought a Canon camcorder for that usage.  The camcorder is designed for extended video recording time and has a fan that in its default setting runs continuously when the camera is on.  So it doesn't provide the weather sealing of a 1 series body but it does keep its internal temperature reasonable when shooting long periods of video.


Within their design limits, modern DSLR bodies can do an excellent job with video but those limits are important. In the owners manual there are cautions that it may shut off video before the card or time limit is reached if the internal temperature goes too high and similar cautions appear under liveview operation.



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Re: Canon 5D Video

@treestumpexhaus wrote:

I know atbout the 4G file limit cut off for video, but is it possible to set the 5D II up such that it only send video through the DVI port but do not actually record on Flash. That way I can use the video previe for extended video recording.



A DSLR is quite capable of recording shot, high quality video clips.  With the exception of the flagship models, DSLRs are not capable of providing a “clean” video output signal for remote recording.  The signal that comes out of the camera HDMI port is almost always identical to the images you see on the rear display, complete with status information.


From your description, you are looking for something that is more of a video camera, than a DSLR.  You definitely need a camcorder of some type.  I am not sure if consumer camcorders have the image quality you might be looking for.


I suggest that you look at Canon’s XA and XF series of professional camcorders.  I would expect these models to produce high quality video for external recording.


What you are really looking for is something like a Canon Cinema EOS video cameras, which have internal memory cards like a camcorder, but also produce very clean video output signals for use by an external recording device.  The Cinema EOS line allow you to use EF lenses, instead of the built-in lens found on a typical camcorder.  They are not cheap, but the image quality is off the charts compared to a typical DSLR.


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Re: Canon 5D Video

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I have several 5D cameras with very expensive professional  lenses and really prefer Canon for stills.

It seems however that I have been fooled a bit buying into the Canon Video functionality.

The video is very good quality, but the limit is unexpected, and unnecessary.

Why Canon did not bring out a an American version without the stupid EU TAX limitation, beats me.


I decided to sell my Video capable Canons for this reason as I was never aware of this sillyness when I bought it and will rather buy Blackmagic which is way more suited for someone shooting video. It is a pity that Canon hamstringed their own camera maybe not to compete with their higher end videocameras, but they have completely lost me as a customer with this and I am moving over to blackmagic cameras some which has EF mounts so I dont have to invest in different lenses. I dont understand their reasoning as I would have gladly moved up from a 5DII/III video to their dedicated professional video cameras but it is not going to happen if they segfaults intentionally on a very good video solution in the 5DII/III.


I tried to find if MagicLantern maybe has a flash update to remove the TAX restriction but it seems I am stuck with my 5DII &III's . As I said the video quality is excellent and the default color correction is so darn close to what the average user want that it would be a no brainer to own them for video, but the archaic reliance on FAT with 4GB limit and the patched up extFAT and the EU TAX limitation on time make them severely behind the times. It would have cost Canon nothing to e.g. use Journaling 64bit filesystems like EXT4 and the like and have basically unlimmited file size.

Not good, I am moving to Blackmagic for video -period and will only keep my 5DI's for stills.



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