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Canon 5D Mark iv Firmware Questions

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I'm looking to purchase the full frame sensor 5D mark iv...I've been reading articles and studying up on the attributes of the camera over my Canon 7D ii....I've seen several owners make remarks about issues requiring 'a fix" that comes with updates I guess, to the operating system of the camera, in the cases of certain glitches...


I really dont' understand totally the concept of "firmware" or what it may or may not perception is that it is like updates sent by Dell or Microsoft to change performance in some regard on my PC...



My question is...rather that looking at all the possible firrmware that has been put out for the 5d Mark iv...can I ask Canon to perform whatever operation is necessary with any new camera I may order so that it has all the updates and whateverr current installs of  firmware may be necessary.....??

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Re: Canon 5D Mark iv Firmware Questions

Hello iris, 

With regards to to the firmware for your EOS 5D Mark IV, it is like a set of instructions for the camera's operating system.  Firmware has the capability to address issues, bugs and issue fixes as well as add new features.  It can be downloaded directly from Canon with instructions on how to install it, or you can send the camera into Canon and have us do it.  Just so you know though, we do make updating the firmware easy, you do not need to go through all the different versions- just the latest one.  This is the case with most of our cameras, the newest release will contain the prior versions rolled up within it.  So when you download the latest release, 1.0.4 in this case, your camera will be up to date.   

Version 1.0.4 of the firmware can be downloaded here

you may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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Re: Canon 5D Mark iv Firmware Questions


Being a long, long time Canon owner and user (most likely longer than Tim has been alive!), the firmware updates are pretty easy and straight forward.  I have done it many times and I am no computer guru. The camera pretty much does it on its own.  The only thing you need make sure of is a fully charged battery when you start.  Canon gives you step by step instructions on how to complete it.


If this is a concern before buying a 5D Mk IV don't worry about it a bit.


 BTW, have you looked at the Canon EOS 5DS R DSLR Camera?  I got the chance to mess with one not to long ago and I can competently say it is the sharpest camera I have ever used.  It is better then even MF.

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