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Cannon MEDION 32gb micro SD HC error (Need Help)

I have recently been on a skiing holiday with my friends i have taken lots of pictures with my cannon 60D i had 2 32gb MEDION microSD cards with me just to make sure that i had enough space for the pictures and video the first card i used the first 4 days had some problems, sometimes it said:


Card cannot be accessed.

Reinsert/change the card or

format card with camera.



the first few times i did that i just reinserted it as it said, and then it worked again
but the 2nd last day it just kept saying that even tho i tried that i did before but this time that didn't work.

Then i just changed my sd card to the other one i had and used that the last day without any problems at all.

When i came home i tried to put the card into my computer and it could the the card but it was empty, but it said it has 29gb space left which i think that how much space i have used.
I have tried to put the microsd card in another adapter but didn't work

Well now i am in a bad situation because i really want to keep the pictures because they really means a lot for me that i can keep them.

any help would be highly appreciated =)

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Re: Cannon MEDION 32gb micro SD HC error (Need Help)

Based on the wording of your inquiry, you used a "micro" SDHC card and likely your problems have been caused by the adapter.  It is very common to have problems using the mcroSDHC/adapter combination.  I would initially get yourself a card reader that can read the micro card without any adapter.  Hopefully you can recover your images.  Then get a memory card for the camera that doesn't need any adapter, likely an SDHC card. 

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Re: Cannon MEDION 32gb micro SD HC error (Need Help)

[ Edited ]

Do not alter your SD cards by trying to take additional pictures, copying to them or especially formatting them.

Try putting the SDs back in your camera and transferring via the USB cable that came with your camera. If this fails, check and clean the contacts on your SD cards and camera using a pencil eraser and gentle puffs of air. Use a flashlight to examine the SD slot on the camera for lint , debris, etc.

If all else fails and your cameras did indeed write data to those cards, you should be able to recover that data with recovery software. Do a web search for something like "recover pictures from SD card". Been a while since I've done any recovery so I don't have a specific recommendation.

Do not reuse those cards. Purchase a better quality card, something like Sandisk Extreme.


Edit:  when you get new SD cards, make sure you format them with your camera.  You can format them on your PC if you want but they must be formatted with the camera after that.  There is a format option in the Setup menu on your camera.

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Re: Cannon MEDION 32gb micro SD HC error (Need Help)

Yes Sandisk Extreme is a good option. For now as you said your photos and videos are not accessable, so format your card by connecting it through cardreader to you computer and use some good external storage recovery tool to recover your lost data.
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