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Can camera body (eos 6d) loose focus performance over time?

When i started shooting weddings for a certain studio I was proud about my focusing skills and results. Now few years later i find myself angry about the number of blurry photos. Im using eos 6d, same body from the start equiped by the studio and a range of lenes like 85mm, 50mm, 24-70 f4, old 70-200...and notice worse performance regardless of the glass im using


As for my technique, I toggle with the dof butto between "one shot" and "ai servo" with the latter being main choice in reportage and former when posing. I shoot minimum at 1/160 th and using back button focusing and switching focus points when necessary... so i think i do all the right things 


I havnt  been messing with the focusing custom settings


So I dont know if its me or can body be the problem, can long ussage contribute to camera loosing focus performance?




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Re: Can camera body (eos 6d) loose focus performance over time?

Well it could have an electronics problem or even perhaps dust on the focus sensor but I think before suspecting the camera you need to do a series of carefully controlled focus tests with the camera mounted on a tripod just to make sure that the fault is with the camera and not with you.

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Re: Can camera body (eos 6d) loose focus performance over time?

A little history.   I have been shooting weddings for decades easier to count than years.  I have 100's of thousands of shots on any single camera.  I never noticed any slowing of AF performance.  Just saying, not any proof of anything.

Remember it is the lens that focuses.  They camera just says OK.


You do need to do a lens focus test with ALL your lenses.  And, yes it must be done from a a tripod. Now for the camera, if it has not been for a C&C, you need to send it in today.  Wedding photographers need their gear in top most shape.


"...  lenes like 85mm, 50mm, 24-70 f4, old 70-200.." None of these lenses are super fast AF lenses depending on which 85mil and 50mil you have. Is the 24-70mm zoom version 2?  If it isn't it isn't a real speed demon either.

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