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Camera to smartphone

Hi, I cannot connect my 5d4 to my smartphone, I am getting an error message Err11
Does anyone know what that means and how do I fix it 😊
Cheers Mark
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Re: Camera to smartphone

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1. First, obviously download the app for your specific operating system. Android and iOS

2. Then turn on the WiFi in your camera. This may sound confusing, but it is actually extremely simple. You just go to the fourth sub menu in the settings menu (Yellow), and it is under ''Communications settings,'' select that, than on the next screen is an option to enable WiFi, enable it.


3. Now you will connect your device to your camera. You go into the WiFi menu of your cell phone, and connect it to your camera as you would to any other WiFi. You have just basically turned your Camera into a hotspot. You have the choice in camera to add a password to the WiFi and also change the name of the signal, I chose not too do either, and use the default settings. It was super painless this way, and I have no fear of someone hacking into my files, especially since the WiFi is always off anyway.


Step 1-3 only has to be done a single time, to set up the initial connection for the first time. From now on, whenever you enable the WiFi on your 5D IV and on your cell phone, they will connect to each other automatically. All you have to do after that, is open the app on your phone. You cell remembers the WiFi just like it would any other router you previously connected to in your home or office.


4. And finally, now that the app is open, you just select what you want to do from the main menu on your screen, as I said, all I am using it for is transferring photos to my phone. So that's the first option, ''Images on camera,'' from here you can see all your photos that are on the cameras memory card, and save them to your device. Super easy in real world usage thanks [link removed per forum guidelines]

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Re: Camera to smartphone

Keep  in mind images from your 5d4 are big.  Iphones have limited storage. You can keep huge amounts of iphone photos because they are small. Tiny sensor but a 5d4  has a full sized sensor.

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