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Re: Camera manufacturers had better get caught up

Sure... I own an iPhone X ... and a 5D IV (and III).


Once upon a time, brides & grooms would buy "disposable" film cameras and leave them on tables at the reception so that guests would get snaps ... then the bride & groom would get these developed.  The smartphone cameras are the new version of that old idea.


BUT... in the words of Ansel Adams:  “The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it.”


Wedding guests with smartphones isn't going to match the quality of what a knowledgeable photographer can do.  In other words, it's not all about the camera.


There is another problem with smartphones... it doesn't have an interchangeable lens.  There is no "best" lens.  The whole point of having a camera where you can remove one lens and attach another is that you can use the lens which is optimal for the situation at hand.  Smartphones can't do this.  As I walk around with my iPhone, there are loads of times that I realize that I just can't capture the situation the way I can with my DSLR and some particular lens for that situation.



It's not that smartphones are junk... they're great cameras.  But they are great cameras for SOME things.  They are not great cameras for EVERY thing.  (BTW, there are times when a DSLR isn't the right camera either).



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