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Buying recommendations

I'm new to cameras and would really like one that can take close up shots quickly. I have a 6 month old who's always on the move and most of my photos of him are blurry. Any recommendations on a camera that can doing this? I'm thinking one with the rapid burst would be best but like I said, I'm new so I really don't know.
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Re: Buying recommendations

What is your budget and current camera?

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Re: Buying recommendations

Firstly a rapid burst is not the answer to your needs. It sounds like you need a camera with a fast AF, low shutter lag (which is directly related to AF speed especially in P & S models) and a clean high ISO setting for your indoor quick snaps. Kids in motion around the house are a tough assignment due to the slow shutter speed low light demands.

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Re: Buying recommendations

^^ This

It's not the rapid fire burst (frames per second) but rather the ability to take a shot with a fast enough shutter speed to "freeze" movement... and if you're trying to capture a perfect "moment" you want the camera to take the shot at that moment... And not after a short delay.

If the lens has a fast focusing motor then that covers the focus speed (lenses with the "USM" -- UltraSonic Motor are the fastest but some USM lenses are faster than others.)

If the shutter speed is fast enough you can freeze anything -- usually 1/500th is fast enough for most action. 1/1000th will freeze even fairly rapid action. Some bird photographers will use even faster speeds to freeze the birds wings.

Any DSLR camera will do this with the right lens and plenty of light. The amount of light is key.
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Re: Buying recommendations

That lag on a point and shoot before it takes the picture is why I got into a DSLR in the first place, years ago. It could be that some of the higher end compact cameras have less shutter lag than the average models.

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