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Battery Charge Issue

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I have both a Canon 5D Mk3 and a Canon 5D Mk4

I have noticed that some batteries (3rd party and Canon Originals), after charging will show 100% when put into to 5D3 - but will show 60% or less when put in the 5D4. on one occasion a battery that showed 100% in the Mk3  showed only 17% when moved to the 5D4 and died very quickly.


Anyone else had this issue ?
Anyone got a solution ? 

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Re: Battery Charge Issue

The Mark IV has somewhat higher current drain than the older Mark III and it may also use a different calibration curve than the Mark III for its battery life indicator to compensate for increased drain thus the same charge level will show lower in the Mark IV.


Your example of the battery indicating 100% in the Mk3 and 17% in the Mk4 is typical of a battery that is severely degraded.


I used 3rd party batteries once in my 1D Mark II when I needed batteries in a hurry.  Shots per charge was far less and even more problematic was shooting bursts would often cause an error requiring removal of power to clear.  As soon as I returned from that trip i ordered 2 real Canon batteries and the problem went away.   


As batteries age, internal resistance increases and storage capacity decreases and this combination means much shortened life as current demand increases.  A lot (most probably) varieties of third party batteries start out with less peak current capacity and total storage capacity than the OEM batteries and they certainly don't get better with age.


We don't have to buy expensive film and pay for processing anymore but rechargeable batteries should be considered a consumable item for digital cameras just like film was for analog cameras and it is part of the cost of getting the performance we desire.



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Re: Battery Charge Issue

Thanks - what you are saying sounds reasonable. Interesting though that two of the three batteries that my Mk4 reads as 100% are 3rd party ones. I suppose some of the original canon batteries I have are getting on a bit, but my Mk3 still says have a three-bar recharge performance and 100% capacity.  Iwas wonderinf if maybe they'ed changed the way the camera reads the battery. 

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Re: Battery Charge Issue

Keep in mind, using 3rd party batteries can void your Canon warranty.

Warranties are written in such a way that if damage can be linked directly to use of a 3rd party component, battery or other item, you could  be responsible for the cost of any needed repairs.  It would be wise if sending your camera in for a warranty repair make sure the 3rd party batteries are not left inside the camera.

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