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For my next trip, I plan to carry one body, three lenses,extender, a charger, and probably a flash.


11-24mm f4L

24-105 f4L

100-400 f4.5-5.6L IS II

Extender EF 1.4X III


Recommendations on backpack?



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Re: Backpack

My only backpack is a giant Lowepro that would be far too cumbersone on a trip, unless you're driving. But I've been pretty happy with my Domke shoulder bag. I think they make backpacks as well, so you might want to look into them.


But my main advice would be to try to see and feel the bag before you buy. Bag preferences can be highly personal and idiosyncratic, and it's often hard to tell exactly what will fit in a given bag, just from reading the specs. I once ordered a bag (I forget the brand) that I thought was just what I wanted and ended up sending it back. More recently, I got a Canon bag as a freebie when I bought my 5D3. I wasn't expecting anything out of it, but it turned out to be my favorite bag for occasions when I carry a single camera. You just can't tell unless you see the bag and try it with your equipment.


Don't forget an instruction manual (unless you're carrying a laptop) and batteries and a charger for the flash. All those things take up space.

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Re: Backpack

Thanks! The Canon bag that came with the 5DMkIII is indeed a good one. The telephoto lens I'm taking on this trip and the hiking that we'll be doing have me going for a backpack. I already own a HUGE one, but decided this time to go with a Lowepro Vertex 200. My son has the 300, and I'm hoping the next size down will be good.


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Re: Backpack

You make life easier when you don't insist the long (100-400 or 70-200) lens fit mounted on a camera.

I agree with the suggestion that it is best to try the bags on if you can actually find a camera store with bags near you. I had scoured the Internet and made a short list and then when I had one crazy 30 minute stop in a camera store on The middle of a 10 hour vacation drive and none of my finalists were good when I tried them on.

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Re: Backpack

For no more than you are taking the Canon Delux Backpack wll work and is a good buy.

I would challenge your decision and choice to take the 1.4 tele extender?  Using it on the 100-400 are you?  Its not a big heavy piece but pretty usleless, on that lens, just the same.

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