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Autofocus crashing with sigma lenses on Canon EOS RP!!

Anyone here use an RP and experience autofocus issues with non-canon EF lenses?

I have a sigma 105mm macro 2.8 and a 100-400, both attached using a RF-EF Adapter. Occasionally the autofocus seems to stop working usually when I’ve not taken a shot for a minute or so. Sometimes I have to either switch to manual focus and then back to auto, or if that doesn’t work, power off and back on. I miss shots sometimes when this happens and it’s frustrating.

I’m not certain if it has happened with my RF 24-105 canon lens but it definitely doesn’t happen as often if so. Not sure if maybe the 3rd party lens is less reliable or buggy with the canon firmware or if perhaps it’s a camera body issue, or adapter issue.

If anyone has had a similar problem, I’d love to hear their experience especially if they’ve found a solution.

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Re: Autofocus crashing with sigma lenses on Canon EOS RP!!

I only have one Sigma lens, a 150-600mm C and so far I haven't run into a problem like this.  There are a couple things you might want to try, for what it's worth:


1. keep your Sigma lenses firmware updated to the the latest.

2. Go to the RP menu - Orange tab - C.Fn II:Autofocus, Sub menu 4 - Lens Drive When AF Impossible and make sure option 0 :continue focus search is enabled.

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