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Re: AF selection process EOS 5D Mark IV HELP!

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OK, I finally see what Waddizzle is referring to: the "Custom Controls" menu in the next-to-last (orange) menu group. If you set the Multi-Controller button to "Direct AF point selection", you can use it to select the AF point. You still have to push the "AF on" button first (or the shutter button halfway), but it may give you what you're looking for.


EDIT:  And I've now verified that the same setting enables the same behavior on the 5D3 as on the 5D4. So your 5D3 must have been set that way, even though it isn't the default.



By pressing the [SHUTTER] or [AF-ON] you are activating the metering timer.  When this happens, the joystick is normally disabled, by default.  You can reprogram the button so that when the metering is active, which is also when you can view your active AF point dynamically, you can now use the joystick to select an AF point.


Why is [DISABLED] the default behavior?  That's good question. 

I wondered that myself. There doesn't seem to be any compelling reason not to leave it on.


That said, I don't find the functionality very useful, since you get to see only the active AF point. I think the AF display button gives you a better look. But if it's what the OP wants, that's all that matters here. She's a professional, and there's every reason to suppose that she knows what she's doing.

You don't?  

[EDIT]. You wedding photographer, YOU!  


That's the whole point!  You can change the AF point in real time.  (The value of that capability I will leave for another debate.). The [AF DISPLAY] button gives you a "static look", while the joystick gives you a real time display of the action.


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Re: AF selection process EOS 5D Mark IV HELP!

Thanks so much everyone! Changing the multi control button to "Direct AF point selection" has done the trick.


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