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80d viewfinder color

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Went out today with brand new 80d with brand new 150-600mm Tamron G2. i had shot around 10 shots of bif using back button focus and the image in view screen took on a dark orange and or brown cast, I tapped shutter button half way, no results, tried to focus no results so I turned camera off, turned back on and view finder was back to normal and took another 100 or so photos and it did not happen again. Anybody ever experienced this? Not sure if camera has an issue or lens. Both are brand new out of box from B&H. Pictures came out fine. Not sure what I should do if anything, maybe it was just a one time anomaly. A little bit concerned.

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Re: 80d viewfinder color

That sounds odd.  It is the start of the weekend.  Try to shot 2000+ photos before Monday morning.  Should be pretty easy with continuous shooting mode.  Turning off image preview after every shot will extend battery life significantly.


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Re: 80d viewfinder color

There is no known, at least not to me, any problems using the big Tammy G2 on an 80D.  They should work well together.

Next time make sure the camera is off when you mount the lens.

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