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Re: 80D Video Settings

@MikeV2013 wrote:
Thank you for the videos. I can do the exposure/DOF settings pretty much in my head for stills with my regular cameras. Just not sure about frame rates, etc. for video. I took a practice shoot and am headed to Photoshop to see what I can do - learn Premier if I must. I just want to video a speaker not become a videographer. I am hoping the 24-70 f2.8 helps with the light issue.

I think any quality lens would be just fine for static shots.  It is when subjects begin to move about the frame, or when you begin to move the camera, is when things begin to get really complicated, really fast.  Set up a tripod, and let it run.  Do not forget about the 30 minute time limits.  You can also expect the camera to overheat after extended use in video mode.


I suggest using 24 fps frame rate, and a 1/50 sec shutter speed, which is equivalent to a 180 degree shutter angle.  This will give your video a ”cinema” look.  Faster frame rates will allow you to record in brighter light without the use of an ND filter.


Using higher frame rates will, of course, need faster shutter speeds.  But, the faster frame rates will not only create MUCH larger files for a given recording time, but the resulting videos may begin to take on a “video tape” look, due to a loss of motion blur in the individual frames.


Take a few stills of the venue, so that you can get an idea of what the light is like.  I have no idea what it is, so I can only offer rules of thumb, guidelines, and strategies.

Computing DOF in your head is pretty impressive.  I regularly refer to the table when I know light and DOF will be critical.  Given enough practice, I suppose that i could memorize enough of it with enough experience with the same lenses.


Canon has Movie Software that you can use, too. Not as good as PSE, but it is free.



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Re: 80D Video Settings

Perfect. That is what I needed to know. Hard to look at a DOF table in the middle of the jungle (LOL) so I learned to adapt. I appreciate you help.

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