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Looking to upgrade from a t2i to a 7D. Does the 7D take good still pictures, portraits, as well as action shots?

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Re: 7D

Of course. The sensor is the same size / resolution as your T2i. The major differences in the 7D are that the body is a bit ruggedized (it's magnesium alloy instead of polycarbonate, is more durable, and is somewhat weather-sealed (not water-proof though so don't submerge it) and there are many features designed for action photography (dual digic processors, CF card instead of SD card (CF cards traditionally had significantly faster transfer speeds when the 7D was introduced although today you can now get very fast SD cards as well). The focus system is 19 point (all cross-type). Also it can shoot in continuous burst speed at 8 frames per second.

For non-action photography, images are going to render just as they do on your T2i (you wont see any noticeable difference in ISO performance, noise, etc..)
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Re: 7D

To me, the biggest difference between the T2i and the 7D is that the 7D has autofocus microadjustment. (And my 17-55 f/2.8 lens needs NINE POINTS of adjustment on both of my 7D's.)


To my wife, the biggest difference is that the 7D weighs more. Which is why she won't hear of replacing her T2i with a 7D. But her 17-55 f/2.8 focusses perfectly on her T2i. Go figure.

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Re: 7D

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Remember a camera is the sum of it's specs.  Not a single spec.  If the 7D has the, IMHO, the improved options, than by all means buy one.  If you are a person that does not need those features, it probably isn't for you,

The build is vastly superior to any Rebel model.  As is almost every other spec but you must use those specs or it's just fluff.

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Re: 7D

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@lakeida wrote:

Looking to upgrade from a t2i to a 7D. Does the 7D take good still pictures, portraits, as well as action shots?

The 7D is Canon's most pro-oriented crop sensor model to date. As such, it's more robust, heavier and more complex to use than some of the more consumer oriented models. Basically I tell people to expect to have to do more setting the camera up (there's less automatic stuff to choose from... instead of "Scene Modes" you get additional user defined modes, for example). Due to size and weight, you'll also likely work a little harder while shooting... not something a pro would mind, but someone used to a lighter camera might. Also expect to spend a little more time post processing images. The files the 7D produces are excellent, but are not sharpened as much as with some other cameras, for example. These are all things that a pro does or expects to do, as second nature, but a consumer who is less experienced might find them less than ideal.


The 7D is designed for speed and action shooting, in particular... though it can handle most anything you throw at it. Today the 70D, introduced last Fall, comes awfully close to the nearly five year old 7D. The 70D has similar autofocus (one less AF pattern mode than 7D), but has improved Micro Focus Adjustment feature and new Dual Pixel Focus in Live View, making it's articulated LCD screen even more useful. It also has a new sensor and processor which offer slightly higher usable ISO. For an upgrade such as you are considering, I'd say right now it's pretty much a toss-up between 70D and 7D. The 7D uses Compact Flash memory cards, so you'd need to buy some of those. The 70D uses SD, same as your T2i, so you could use what you already have. Both 70D and 7D use LP-E6 batteries, different from your current camera, but they each come with one battery and a charger.


7D has a 100% viewfinder. That's large and bright and nice, but unforgiving. There's no "hedge room" for sloppy framing. What you see is what you get. A 100% viewfinder is also one of the reasons the camera weighs significantly more than any other of the APS-C models (actually weighs a little more than the full frame 5D Mark II, only a few grams less than the FF 5D Mark III). Of course, the 70D is pretty close, with a 98% viewfinder, though it still manages to be about 18% lighter weight (70D is 675 grams, 7D is 820.... your T2i is 530 grams, by the way).


You make no mention of what lenses you have. Frankly, to do high speed shooting reasonably fast lenses such as Canon USM are going to give the best results. Those are better for "action" photography.... will acquire focus faster, and maintain tracking better than other types of lenses. Big aperture lenses also help with focus performance. So, not knowing what you have now in the way of lenses, I can only caution... You might be better buying a slightly less expensive camera and putting some money into lens upgrades... or even just getting better lenses to use on your current camera.


7D can do you proud. I have two of them that have each taken around 100,000 shots. But I already had a fairly extensive and complete kit of quality lenses, before I bought the 7Ds. If I hadn't already had the lenses, they would have been my priority and I might still be happily shooting with 50Ds today. The lenses you use upon it will ultimately make more difference in your images, than the camera they're used upon. Not that you have to break the bank with lenses... There are a lot to choose among, in the Canon system. It really depends upon what you want to shoot, which lenses might be best.


I'm looking forward to the 7D Mark II, which should be a really great camera, considering how good the 70D is. Of course, there's no telling when a new 7D model might be announced.... but it's been nearly five years!


Hope this helps!


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