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7D Mk II Errors

My brother is trying to repair my Canon 7D Mark II to fix the Compact Flash card reader because of a bent pin (evidently not a rare problem!).  He finally disassembled the camera and replaced the reader. However, evidently, in reassembling it, something is not right and the camera doesn’t work correctly.  Live View doesn’t display anything, although the sound of the mirror moving can be heard.  Also, the pictures it takes  and stores on the SD card alternate between a solid white and a frame with wide white and wide pink bars.  All the menu items display and the camera seems to do everything it’s supposed to, except the previously mentioned problems.

Anyone have any experience here that would help?  It would be deeply appreciated.

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Re: 7D Mk II Errors

Hello brath, 

I am sorry to hear that your camera no longer functions properly after your brother attempted a repair.  We're not able to get into any DIY repair related support, unfortunately.  We recommend sending the camera into Canon for evaluation.  

You may fill out an online repair request form at the following link to setup your repair using our online service.

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Re: 7D Mk II Errors

Wow, you let your brother who is not a trained camera service tech take your 7D Mk II apart?  You need to send it to Canon service for repair.  You may want to be sitting down when the estimate comes back.

You know the camera would have worked just fine with just the SD card installed?  It doesn't need the CF card.

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Re: 7D Mk II Errors

Sorry to learn of your issue.

I think your brother should go at least halves on the cost of getting the unit fixed by an authorized technician.  If I had that issue I would simply have used the SD card slot and saved myself a lot of financial pain and angst.

cheers Trevor

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Re: 7D Mk II Errors

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At this point, sending it back to Canon is probably your best choice.  There is a fairly good chance that he either left a connecting lead off (or loose) but at this point the odds of this situation getting worse instead of better after he takes it apart again seem too high to me.


I calibrate and repair some very sophisticated electronic stuff but I generally have the full service manual for the gear, the proper mechanical and electronic tools, AND if the repair involves any level of complex dissasembly I also photo document the process because a high res photo of a complex assembly is far superior to what is found in most repair documents.  Of course putting any removed pieces in an organized and secure spot is basic good work practice.  If my 1D Mark II "dies" then I would likely attempt repair (depending upon symptoms) since Canon no longer supports this model.  But if my 1DX 2 has a problem it is going to the proper Canon service center.  The risk/return tradeoff isn't worth it especially given the high quality and rapid response time of Canon's excellent service facility.


And I agree about the fragile nature of the CF card pin connector.  I just went through setting up the Ethernet connection between my 1DX 2 and Win 10 machine once again after another poorly implemented Windows update screwed up the settings.  It was a minor pain but better than having to run the camera's "connection wizard" every time I connect which was necessary after the latest Win 10 update.  But either is prefereable to removing the CF and Cfast cards every time I need to transfer photos.  For this reason I prefer the more robust SD card connector of my old 1D2 DSLR and current XF-400 camcorder.



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