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Re: 7D Mark II

"But the question remains. The pictures I liked to. Are they grainer/noisier than I should expect with the Mk II?"



The real question is whether you are satified with the pictures and "grainy" results.  What a camera produces without post processing is really not a good indicator of what can be done with it.  In the end, as I do not have a 7D Mk II to try, I have to believe it is very good at high ISO's and better than the current 7D is.  At least the remarks I have seen seem to indicate so.

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7D Mark II main dial does not adjust aperture

In manual mode my 7D Mark II main dial does not adjust the aperture, the LCD displays "L".  I have to go into the quick settings menu to change.

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Re: 7D Mark II

I am starting some research. Again. I found out after I got the camera that it would not focus at the DOF I was auto focusing on. It was always either too deep or too shallow. After reading up on it I found out that that particular camera had to be micro adjusted to each lens that was put on it. WTF?! I have tried a couple of times to do that but get frustrated very quickly for one reason or another.

I believe this was Canon's way of saying, "You're using 3rd party lenses (Sigma, Tamron) more than ours? Then FU! Adjust your own lenses!

It is rediculous with all the smarts and electronics in camera now. I mean. your 60D, my 60D most any other cameras adjust automatically to each and every lens used. Pisses me off!
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Re: 7D Mark II

SDRoadster is seeing “L” because his buttons are LOCKED. Check the [LOCK] switch on the rear panel.

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