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Re: 7D Mark II AF Question



I'm not one to argue.  The thread started with the venue being an indoor graduation.  I'd be willing to bet flash was allowed, and that at least 50% of the moms were using their ineffective built-in flashes.  If it's between shooting at 16,000 ISO or using a flash - I'll use a flash every time.  Concerts, awards, etc., but not plays.


Indoor ice hockey and indoor soccer is where I use my 600EX.  The arena folks use their permenantly mounted strobes - flash is allowed- we shoot from elevated positions.  ...and before you start - I get enough added light at 100 ft to get me to, or faster than, 1/500 sec. 




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Re: 7D Mark II AF Question

Interesting.  Everybodyd is different.

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