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70D frames per second

I've noticed when setting my 70D to shoot at its full speed 7 fps that I don't always get that frame rate constantly. The frame rate seems to vary depending on which lens I have fitted and also when the shot is under expsosing. EG on shutter priority at 200th and f3,5 and corectly exposed I get the full 7 fps, however aim the camera slightly differently so that the shot is now under exposing but still with all the same settings the fps is noticeably slower. I have no idea why, has anyone else come across this and if so what the cause and fix was\is

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Re: 70D frames per second

7 fps means you can take shoot as fast as 7 times per second, but it depends on what setting u use.

your AF would affect this, it would find focus first then take a frame. Try manual focusing to see if this is the case, since each lens manufacturer doesnt use the same motor for AF
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Re: 70D frames per second

Turn off lens corrections. I am guessing that the lenses that are currently working have no correction data registered with the camera.


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Re: 70D frames per second

You might get better results saving shots as JPEGs when you use continuous shooting.  It takes less time to write a smaller JPEG file than a larger RAW file.


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