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70D battery problem

I have had a 70D for about 4 years.  Recently I noticed that the battery was going dead when left overnight, even when turned off.  I tried both my Cannon batteries.  Then purchased a non Cannon battery off of Amazon.  Same result.  Camers seems to work fine while it has a fresh battery.  Any ideas.  Thank you.

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Re: 70D battery problem

"Then purchased a non Cannon battery off of Amazon."


Not the best idea you ever had.  Second do you know if your charger is working properly? I would suspect it.

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Re: 70D battery problem

Leave the battery outside of the camera overnight and see if it is still dead when inserted into the camera the next morning.  If the battery works that way, then your camera has developed a problem and needs to be repaired.  Either it is not going to sleep when powered off (this problem should provide obvious symptoms) or a bypass cap has gotten very leaky with age and is draining the battery.




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