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70D EOS utility download

I just purchased the 70D and want to connect it with my Macbook for easy file sharing, but my laptop does not have a CD-ROM drive. I downloaded the utility off the website, but it won't allow me to run it without the CD-ROM that came with the camera. Anyone know how I can install the EOS utility without using the included CD-ROM? 

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Re: 70D EOS utility download

Canon will let you download the contents of the CD.

Go to their download site here:

If you are running Mavericks then tell the download site that you're still running Mountain Lion (10.8) because they haven't released new software but everything I run works fine.

Pick the software section and it will display several download choices -- most of which are updates and assume you have the base version installed. But... one of them is named "EOS Digital Solution Disk Software..." with a version number and will say it's for Mac OS X. The description states this is for users who cannot use the Canon provided CD (your situation).

When you select this download, at some point a window will pop open and ask you to input the serial number of your camera. Once you have that base software, you will only ever need to download the latest updates in the future and those do not prompt for serial numbers.
Tim Campbell
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Re: 70D EOS utility download

Thanks, Tim!

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Re: 70D EOS utility download

I also just purchased a 70 D.  Tried the download via Utility and USB cable.  Had no luck.  Many calls and emails w Canon tech service, not able to resolve.  For me it turns out to be a USB conflict w another device, a UPS power supply from Schneider electric.  Working now to figure out out to resolve.

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Re: 70D EOS utility download for Windows 10

I lost or didn't get an app CD with a refurbished 70D I bought from Canon.  I emailed Support and responded with steps to obtain the programs::


"Thank you for your inquiry regarding your EOS 70D.  I will be glad to assist you in downloading the software from our website.


Let's start by going to


On the new page that loads, click on DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS lin on the top right.  Ener your camera model in the prompt under step 2, select it from the options that load under the box, and then press the GO button.


You'll also want to change the operating system from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1.  That version should be compatible with Windows 10.  It's just how our site is set up for some of the larger files.


When the camera page loads, click on the SOFTWARE heading.  At this point you'll see an option for the EOS Digital Solution Disk Software.  You will need to load this version before trying to get any of the specific updates on the site.


Click the DOWNLOAD button.  You'll then be prompted to add the serial number, which you can find on the bottom of the camera or on the warranty card listed as the Body Number.


Then save the file to a convenient location on your computer.


The file you download is actually a zipped file.  When it finishes downloading, you'll want to right click it and select the EXTRACT option.  This will create another folder by the zipped file with the same name.  Open the folder and double click the file, and that should start the installer.


Once you've loaded the software, you'll want to use EOS Utility to download from the camera.  Look for it in you PROGRAMS list, inside the CANON UTILITIES folder.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


Thank you for choosing Canon."


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