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6d Mll

What is the best SD card to use with 6dMll

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Re: 6d Mll

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This post is going to get multiple replies....  because your question is like asking people what's the best oil to use in your car...


SanDisk Extreme Pro


32, 64, or 128 all work great.  I have 5 of these.


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Links removed. LoL!  OP, you'll have to Google for them.

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Re: 6d Mll

Any top brand SD card is fine.

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Re: 6d Mll

Not just one of a well known make but make sure you buy it from a reputable seller, there are just too many inferior fakes available online, especially on auction sites.

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Re: 6d Mll

I should have been more specific I have been using in my 80d and 6d a SanDisk Ultra Plus 64gb with a 1 in a U and class 10 with new 6d mll they include an San Disk Extreme Pro 64gb with a 3 in the u and class 10. I guess my question what is difference between the 1 and 3 ?

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Re: 6d Mll

The Wikipedia page explains all

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Re: 6d Mll

6DII should have similar write speed as the other models from same generation, around 90 MB/s.
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Re: 6d Mll

Ray beat me to it... but I was going to say “where” you buy your cards is just as important as “which” card you buy.  There are inferior fakes.  This is not the time to purchase from a questionable vendor who promised to save you a few coins.


One comment I don’t think I saw... from time to time someone has problems with the memory card and then we find out it wasn’t a standard size card.... they bought a “micro” card and used the adapter to insert it into the standard size SD card slot.   


Lastly, don’t move the card between cameras or devices unless you reformat the card (always only format in the camera).  


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