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6Dii Live View shuts down - external monitor

I am hoping I am not the only guy on here with this issue. I have read several forums, and there seems to be a general issue with certain model Canon cameras ramdomly shutting down in Live View mode. My issue seems to be with my Lilliput external monitor attached to the camera.


I was recording an event, and the external monitor went black. I had a fresh battery on it, but thought something must be wrong with the battery, so I swapped it out. Continued recording video for a couple minutes more and then black screeen again. I did notice that the SD card light was flashing, which I assumed meant that I was still recording video. I also noticed that my screen counter was flashing 1999, but thought that was odd. I tried swapping out my HDMI cable for another one, thinking the cable might be defective, same issue. I also assumed that maybe the flashing 1999 count meant my 64GB Pro card was full (it barely had anything on it), emptied the card, formated, same issue. BTW, I was recording outdoors and the weather was cold.


That night while indoors, I setup the camera rig on my counter, and recorded anything, it was flawless, no black screen, worked perfectly. So the next day, back outdoors for night 2 of my event, start recording, black screen. This time, I flipped out the camera monitor, disconnected the external monitor, and tried it out and it worked perfectly. Which made me realize, the issue was not with the camera itself, not the memory card, and not live view with internal monitor. 


The issue is live view with external monitor. Anyone ever see or hear of something like this ?? I know the next test is to swap out monitors and see what happens, which I will do (I have a second Lilliput monitor, different size and model).



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Re: 6Dii Live View shuts down - external monitor

I suggest that you contact Canon Support at 1-800-OK-CANON.  When the monitor goes black, does it stop recording>


In my experience with Canon DSLRs, anytime that something is flashing in the viewfinder, then the camera is trying to call for help, or trying to bring my attention to something that is not correct.  It will flash an icon associated with whatever it thinks is wrong.  The same is true for Live View mode, which also has special icons associated with the camera sensor overheating.


If the shot counter was flashing, then there could be some issue associated with the memory card you are using.  I would recommend only using Sandisk Extreme 32/64 GB cards, or Sandisk Extreme Pro 32/64 GB cards.  I have never had issue with those models, and have settled on using them in all of my cameras.  I never use micro-SD cards with adapters, either.





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Re: 6Dii Live View shuts down - external monitor

Thanks for the guidance. Just to confirm it is an Extreme Pro 64GB brand new and formatted. I am going to be lookig at my footage now so will be able to tell if it was still recording as I was fiddling with the camera at odd angles trying to figure out the issue. Since the red light was flashing next to the card slot, that tells me that it was still recording, and only the video image was lost in Live View with external monitor, internal monitor worked fine.

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