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6D GPS How to download

This might help other people who have had that ImageBrowser EX hang up at the 80% mark.  With help from Canon support I got the ImageBrowser to work and then map my GPS coordinates in the ImageBrowser Software by following these steps.  


Before beginning to download your images and before removing the card from your camera, USE  the MENU choices on the back of your camera

Go to GPS >Set UP>>GPS Logger>Transfer Log data to card.


Find the USB to camera cord and hook one end into the computer.  Leave the end that goes into the camera disconnected for NOW.


Start up the ImageBrowser EX application.  (mine is found in Canon Utilities>ImageBrowser EX>ImageBrowser


When ImageBrowser EX hangs up at 80%  only THEN  hook up the camera end of the cord, making sure you have your camera TURNED ON and the CARD in the camera. takes a while for the program to find the files. 


A new window will open and you can select “Start to download images”  or “Lets you select and download images”   Either will work so just select one of them.     


Photos will come up.    Select All or just the ones you want by checking them. 


After you have selected which photos you want to download, Press the Download found at the bottom left of the picture display. Specify where you want the pictures to be filed within your photo folder structure. 


A new dialog screen will appear stating “There are GPS log files on the connected camera or memory card.  Import the GPS log files?  select yes.    I NEVER check “Delete the GPS log files from the camera’s memory card after importing. And you should NOT delete them either.   something might go can delete them when you reformat the card.  


Each photo will appear on screen and the computer will attach the GPS metadata to each photo.  Wait until the program has run through all your photos.


 A NEW window appears showing all your imported photos, now with the GPS in the lower right corner under the photo….  You can reselect the photos.  The map program part of ImageBrowser EX will open showing the map with GPS points.  VOiLA.     You can select individual photos and send them to Google Earth. within this program....use the choices at the top of the screen.  



I have NOT figured out how to open these files in Lightroom.  Though the Canon support people think it should be possible.  






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Re: 6D GPS How to download

If you already tag your photos, then just import them into Lightroom and they should be ready in the map module. You shouldn't have to do anything.

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Re: 6D GPS How to download

@Mszig wrote:


I have NOT figured out how to open these files in Lightroom.  Though the Canon support people think it should be possible.  


Individual images are tagged with the GPS position embedded in the image EXIF data.  There is no need to do anything further.  Many programs and websites can read the data.


If you are referring to the "logginng" feature -- where the camera keeps a "bread crumbs" memory of everywhere you went (whether you were taking photos or not), that image is stored in NMEA-0813 format and the EOS Utility saves the log as a ".KMZ" file.  


The most popular program that can read .KMZ files is Google Earth.


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