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Hello, i have Canon Eos 5D Mark III. I want to make a timelapse video. Can i make it at 60fps  or my camera does not support it?



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Re: 60fps

1280 x 720: 60 fps or 50 fps.

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Re: 60fps

Do you mean you'd like to create a slow-motion video?  Timelapse is the opposite... shoot a frame only occasionally (e.g. once per minute for example) and then play it back at video speeds (e.g. 30 fps).  This means you watch about 30 minutes go in just one second.   To do this, you typically use a device called an "intervalometer".


Canon's intervalometer is the TC-80N3.  This is a wired remote shutter release... but with electronics that allows you to program it to take shots at any time interval you want.  E.g. if I want a 30 seconds worth of video which I'll play back at 30 fps then I need 900 frames.  If I want that time-laps to cover a 3 hour period of time (10,800 seconds) then it's 10800 ÷ 900 = 12.  So I'd program my intervalometer to take a shot every 12 seconds and let the intervalometer go for 3 hours (making sure my memory card has enough room to store the 900 images it's going to shoot in that period of time.) 



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